Monday, December 29, 2008

The Love That Dare Not Show It's Face

From Alfred Hitchcock's "The Lady Vanishes", 1938.

Caldicott and Charters (Naunton Wayne and Basil Radford) are traveling together from the fictional resort town Mandrika to Manchester, their sole apparent concern to get back in time for a cricket match.  Clearly intended to be a gay couple, Hitchcock nevertheless must disguise their sexuality, if only marginally.

In the above images the pair have been sequestered in a single room ostensibly because the hotel is full and and can't spare two.  However, Caldicott is shirtless and Charters' pants are momentarily visible hanging behind the conspiritorially grinning maid.  Charters shields Caldicott's bare chest with a protective arm.

Searching for Miss Froy, Iris knocks on all the cabin doors.  Here she interrupts a man using the bathroom, an understandable mistake as the door looks no different from the others.  This man is never seen again.

Charters sees Iris coming and knocks on the door.

Caldicott appears with a towel.  This is the bathroom door.

Charters suggests they hide in the bathroom.

After Iris passes they sneak out only to be discovered.  Caldicott looks sheepish after being found exiting their water closet tryst.

Here Caldicott and Charters appear to be walking arm in arm.

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Anonymous said...

Only an American would make this mistake about these men's sexuality ...