Monday, June 23, 2008

Beams of Light

From "Sleeping Beauty"

Good Magic:  soft pastels, sparkling snow flakes, spontaneously ricocheting, the room is cast in warm blue light.

Evil Magic:  sharp, angular, searing white, clearly directed at a target.

During Maleficent's Vision:  austere, emphasis on Sleeping Beauty's isolation.

After the Vision:  mournful, speckled with trickling white lights.

Gradually the mourners are illuminated resembling a Nativity scene.

Antonio Gaudi's Nativity Scene at the Temple of the Sagrada Familia

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Ryan said...

Still probably the most awe inspiring sight I've seen! It was absolutely beautiful. I first saw it at night all lit up with strategically placed lights. It was amazing. There is so many different styles throughout the structure, yet all very Gaudi at the same time. Worth making a trip to Europe just to see this one structure. But why stop there if you make the trip.